Haldighati Udaipur (Entry Fee, Timings, History, Best Time to Visit)

Entry Fees :- INR 20 for Indian, INR 50 for Foreigners
Timing :- 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Year of Establishment :- 1997
Best Time To Visit :- October to March


Known for the bloodiest battle fought in the region, the Battle of Haldighati has an essential place in history. If you have a slight bent towards Indian history, you will know that the Indian history is incomplete without reference to the Battle of Haldighati. This historic Battle of Haldighati has been fought on 21st June 1576 between Maharana Pratap, the Mewar King, and Emperor Akbar, a Mughal ruler. Even though it is one of the most significant battles in Rajput history, it was also the shortest battle ever fought in the past.

This ferocious fight fought on this narrow strip of mountains lasted for 4 hours, only leading to mass-scale death of the heroic soldiers of the time. The blood could be found all over the place, making it turned red instead of yellow in this case. Sadly Maharana Pratap lost the battle to Raja Man Singh of Amber, one of the most trusted army generals of Mughals during the times. Haldighati is also significant for another reason, i.e., the unexplainable companionship of Maharana Pratap and his horse, Chetak. Chetak, the loyal companion of Pratap, took his last breath just a few kilometers away, only after leaving Pratap to a safe place.

Haldighati is considered to be the pride of the Rajsamand district of Udaipur. The stellar role of Haldighati and its indifferent aura reminds us of the sacrifices made by the gallant warriors to protect the honor of the Rajputana kingdom. The place also sends chills down the spine as it speaks of the merciless killings and selfless acts of soldiers made to protect India from the clutches of brutal foreign forces.


Haldighati is a unique historic mountain pass located in the Aravalli Mountain range. Haldighati derived its name from the term ‘Haldi’ means turmeric in English, used as a spice in Indian delicacies and ‘Ghati’ means valley which together makes the name Haldighati. The soil found in this region of Udaipur is yellow in color, hence the place is named Haldighati. There is a cenotaph called chhatri in Hindi built on the place where the horse of Maharana Pratap, Chetak breathed his last. This cenotaph is located at a close distance of 4 Km from the Haldighati in pure white marble to pay respect and admire the contribution of the fastest horse in Indian history. You can find Balicha village located close to the region known for its unique knowledge of arts and crafts via terracotta. There is a stunning garden in the name of Badshahi Bagh. The presence of ‘Chaitri-Gulab, original and authentic rose water, and ‘Gulkand’ (jam made from rose petals) is unique to this garden. The rose water is of great medicinal importance.

In the proximity, you can find the Maharana Pratap National Memorial, built in the year 1997 under the commission of Government of India. The memorial showcases an extraordinary statue of Maharana Pratap riding his horse made of bronze metal. You can also locate a museum in the name of Maharana Pratap. The doors of the museum were opened for the public in the year 2003.

Structures within

Airport:- Maharana Pratap Airport is the only airport in the Udaipur which is found at a distance of 50 km away from the Haldighati. You can take advantage of regular domestic flights coming through various cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. Once you have deboarded, you can either take a direct bus or take a private cab (which is highly recommended) to reach Haldighati in no time.

Railway Station:- Udaipur Railway Station is about 146 Km away from the Haldighati region of Udaipur. It is about a 3-hour journey from the railway station and Udaipur. The Udaipur Railway Station is well-linked to significant railways stations namely Delhi, Jodhpur, Chennai, Agra, Mumbai, Bikaner, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad.

Bus Station:- Haldighati is located quite close to Nathdwara district of Udaipur, which is easily accessible. You can avail local transports like autorickshaw, cabs, taxis, or government-run buses. The transport corporation of nearby states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh runs both deluxe and non-deluxe buses to Udaipur which is a safe and affordable option for commuting to Udaipur.